A Testimony from Susan Puzio

   I was born again in 1981 in Redstone, Colorado. At that time, I attended a small Baptist church in the mountains. A short time later I was introduced to the teachings of Kenneth Hagin, Kenneth Copeland and many other “Word of Faith” teachers at a church in Glenwood Springs. 
   For the next 15 years I spent my time at many “Word of Faith” churches and conferences.  I loved attending these meetings, with teachers like Ken Copeland, Mike Murdock, Rod Parsley, Norvel Hayes, Roberts Liardon, Kenneth Hagin, Oral Roberts and many others.
   As time went on, I was bothered by so many of the teachings.  One thing in particular was Kenneth Hagin’s testimony of dying and going to the gates of hell three times. He claimed to have been born again after the third time.  He was esteemed and admired, as one of the best bible teachers, and yet this story was very alarming. We cannot die, go to hell and get another chance.  His testimony cannot be correct according to God’s word.
  Hebrews 9:27 And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment:
   A friend gave me a great book by D.R. McConnell, A Different Gospel. In the book McConnell talks about the Hagin-Kenyon connection and E. W. Kenyon’s ties to new thought or new age theology. His gospel did not line up with scripture and I realized that so many of these famous “faith” teachers were greedy false teachers and heretics.  I wanted out!
   I was taught for the most part submit to the teachings and to be quiet. Do not question the “anointed ones” but through the grace of God, He brought me out. You should always question what does not agree with the word, no matter what so called great one is teaching.

  During my time in the “Word of Faith” movement I ministered in many churches and conferences around the world. My closest ministerial associations were with Norvel Hayes Ministries and Roberts Liardon.

   I was a speaker for many women’s Aglow chapters both here and in Europe. I held my own prophetic conferences, numerous miracle healing services, and spoke a few times at Happy church in Denver (Marilyn Hickey’s ministry) for the singles in the 1980’s.
   I traveled extensively throughout England, taking over thirty trips there meeting many wonderful, sincere people, plus many foreign countries including Austria, Czechoslovakia, Scotland, Wales, South Africa, Swaziland, Germany and Malta, to name a few, paying my own way if I had to and never asking for a fee or travel expenses just receiving freewill offerings. 
   I also produced and hosted a television program in Colorado for 2 years. We were aired in Denver and Aspen, Colorado. Television is a powerful tool for the gospel, but it has been mis-used to enrich many false teachers and to bring a reproach to the real gospel.
    I was a guest on the 700 club and on some of the local TBN programs in Denver and Miami. Public ministry was very fulfilling, it was the politics that was very disturbing.
   I love my work and I love Jesus with all my heart, but I came to realize that my doctrine at the time did not line up with my bible. I realized I had no healing power. and that I had no positive confessions that could bring me out of certain situations, but I was totally dependent on God and His word for everything.  God took me out of public ministry in 1997. Now I am currently unseen, but still heard emerging on internet radio.
  Once I started speaking out against “seed-faith” and “tithing” doctrines the “word” churches did not want me and so it was. 
   Speaking from personal experience, I have been there, and done that, as they say. I was on my way up the ministry ladder that could lead to fame and fortune, but God did not let me go.
   I am giving you a full explanation of my ministerial resume to let you know that I am not just someone sitting at a computer saying things about the bible and false doctrines, I have personally been involved with the in’s and outs of public ministry. 
 I currently host a radio program on Spreaker-https://www.spreaker.com/show/prophetic-news-radio
      Hope you will tune in-We hope to bring Reformation to the church and glory to God! My YouTube channel is Prophetic News TV.
           You may contact me at susan@propheticnews.com
            or PO Boc 3563
            Spring Hill, Fl 34611

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  1. Remember the Inquisition? What “Christian” does that? How did you feel when you saw the news recently of people be burned alive in cages-history repeats itself. The Cathoilic organization was notorious for this practice. It is a false religious system. I am not a ” Protestant” I am a Christian. The catholic organization gave us that name-I reject it!

  2. You said the Jesus didn’t start the Catholic Church then u challenged someone to a debate. I am not that person , I also do not wish to antagonize you all I wish to do is suggest a few things first you tube. Tim staples, ( why Be catholic ) ,Scott Haun , The Journey Home ( Host Marcus Grodi from ewtn) and read one or all of three ” Surprised By The Truth by Patric Madrid these men are all converts, except Patric Madrid . One more great book would be Evangelical is not Enough by Thomas Howard. Please understand you need to find out the truth first then be the judge. I’m not saying you will agree all I am saying you may not have all the facts and if u don’t then get them but I challenge you to do this research if only to arm yourself against the ” Whore of Babylon “. and her more scripture knowledgeable Catholics . You will find these very insightful I guarantee it . Then you can have a real debate. I’d love to do it myself but I get way to emotional when I hear the bull many Protestants ( saved , born again , nondenominational and evangelical ) have said in ignorance and repeating unfair untruths . Just like drones who don’t do any thinking or research for them selves if you don’t know who the church fathers are you should even if you still want to be anti catholic you should know the history before Martin Luther Calvin and Wesley and the reformation and what Christians looked like before the bible was put together . It’s important . But you will need one thing and one thing only leave the hate at the door . Because in the end the truth is the only thing that matters no matter what one calls them selves or how much we are hated for that name . The thing you need is that you want the truth the whole truth. I thought the same as you once I was wrong but I wanted the church that had the finger print of GOD and it’s in the bible you just have to look and read . I can tell you there are scriptures you have never read before ( even if you have read the whole bible ) Thank u and GOD bless

  3. I just read your history. I too was involved with the Copeland cult and glad to be free of it.

    Just a bit of gossip. My very good friend and her husband went to Hagan’s school and they became friends of Hagan and guests in their home. She made an interesting comment years ago when they returned to Michigan.

    She told me “Brother Hagan does not pray”. I will have to ask her again what she exactly meant. I took it to mean he only :”proclaimed” or “confessed” but I am not positive.

    Things did not go well for my friends family but I can’t totally blame that on Hagan. Her one daughter is bitter about the fact that Hagan had food when they went without but that is rather due to the fact that her father refused to get a regular job IMO. He tried to be a pastor but couldn’t keep a flock.

    The family did completely break down eventually. Again not Hagan;s fault but the experience exacerbated the problems IMO.

    Thank you for your time.

    barb in Dearborn.

    P.S You may find this interesting: I gave Dan predictive programming info and he insisted I go on the show and then only gave me two hours notice so I had to wing it. But after I told the story he not only allowed me to preach but he joined in. We had a wonderful time. Please understand that I am not looking to go on your’s or any ones show. I just want you to get a feel for who I am and it really is an interesting story. I hope you enjoy it.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q1KdoHtWLx8

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