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2 thoughts on “Heretics”

  1. Susan, encouraged to see news on false ministries through evidence of discerning insight pointing out things every believer should know. Separating themselves from such types to grow in the true nature of Jesus Christ, bearing the proper fruits of the Holy Spirit. Though I do take an opposite side of the “Link” above pertaining to the Affordable Healthcare Act you’ve posted. I strongly believe that our benevolent God through the evidence of scripture, supports the actions of getting and giving health care to everyone in need. And it needs to be done now. Many suffer caught in the vanity of politics and self righteous speculations on how our healthcare system should work here in America. What we do know is that everyone should have access to Care, period. Improving the existing Law not repealing is the right thing to do. We see on the opposite side of this scale are arguments that all derive from “monies” spent or made, the God of mammon and the worship of it are set deep into this ongoing issue. The same people who oppose the AHA have no qualms on War spending and feeding the Industrial War Machine with countless dollars and little if any accountability toward those who waste these same monies. To me any follower of Jesus who has any other thoughts on opposing prioritizing the health needs of others and securing the correct “vehicle” to accomplish this, is darkened by a self righteous heart, not liberated through faith to exercise true Godly Love.

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