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Letter to Mike Murdock   Seed Faith not working for Richard Roberts

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      Day of Atonement offering scams



“Pastor” of the church of Jezebel will be holding etiquette classes at her temple to teach young woman how to dress and behave (seduce)-lo, here is their example in Sunday morning preaching or seducing outfit-wives and mothers run for your lives

paula for moses sunday 1 4 (2)



Greedy Preachers TV

greedy facebook 3

Cursed for Not Tithing with Ron Robey




parsley smoking

Rod Parsley wants to change the calendar-but he has used the current calendar to run his scams




wendy and rory cartoon use this

God TV founder,Rory Alec commits adultery,leaves the ministry


carn blesses the water

Profit Brian Carn will bless holy water-a gift offer from the “Word Network-

or un-word network


word network holy water



myles photo

Myles Munroe and wife die in plane crash

Myles taught Jesus never said you had to be born again





marcus and joni edited cartoon mine

Marcus and Joni Lamb of the Daystar TV Network Pimp their own children, teaching them how to scam people for offerings





hagin cartoon mine

Kenneth Hagin and the spirit of the serpent-video from Joseph Chambers

Hagin slithers like a snake


Academy Award Presentation best actor or actress Pimp Preacher Category-who wins the golden calf award?

parsley wanted poster





Perry Stone says money as important as the blood of Jesus


Will your church be buying the Roma Downey sermon kit?



downey ad




abortion photo



fleecer cover 2


New Book release-2nd in the Paula White series

First Fruits Fleecer

Her signature scam




shemitah for website

The Mystery of the Shemitah???

Turns out it is no mystery at all!!




michael smith rune pose


Michael W. Smith-False Brother?? Why does he invite demonic rock bands to “minister” to the youth at Rocketown??



huskins outfit nutty

David Huskins Suicide

Universalist who claimed to be Pentecostal kills himself with self-inflicted gunshot

sad end to a tortured life-(he is in the middle)


 Tithing Debate Promo-David Lee and Ron Robey

tithing debate photo




sunday morning stickup book

Sunday Morning Stick Up

By David Lee




Should the Church teach Tithing????

Free E Book by Russ Kelly PhD


The Gap Theory?

(Fact or Fiction)

video presentation



palmer pope copeland arnott robison

Heresy preacher Tony Palmer killed in motorcycle accident




she wolf excellent cover

New Book just released-www.prosperitytruthexposed.com


Lord have mercy-Paula White who helped bankrupt 2 churches says YOU can bribe God with a $229..

offering-she can’t get her own finances in order


paulacchio paula nose



carpenter's home airiel view

Without Walls (for sure) Sold for $2 Million at bankruptcy auction




Justin Peters confronts Todd Bentley

paulas admin front new edit

Paula White’s derelict former world headquarters


benny smokes pipe

What ever became of the investigation into the heroin deaths of Benny Hinn’s sidekicks? Why does Benny pass the pipe? ( this is an old news story, but worth watching)


copeland and Pope--

Kenneth Copeland reveals his true allegiance–so does James Robison and John Arnott


copeland and pope robinson too

Kenneth Copeland Meets The Pope

(did he kiss the ring)

randy bad photo 3



The ruins of PTL

the former Jim Bakker ministry

ptl barn good



ptl barn 2




The Error of “SEED FAITH”

this article will help you get delivered from religious con men

murdock cartoon


click on vaccine sources
zach tims 2

Zachary Tims died from Heroin and Cocaine overdose

Now pestered by Paula White

Zach tims

issac hunter


crouch collar
munsey photo
Here is “Pastor Paula” bearing almost all
paula boobs good

Would you want this woman as your leader?


paula mask


You’d be smiling to if you were collecting 10%
from thousands of uneducated sheep-and yes
I was once one of them


Part 3
Alien Encounters: A Book Review
missler book 3


talbot book
A Response to “In Defense of a Prophetic Voice” by David Reagan

Article by David James

dave james site

benny hinn 2 photo

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